Leche Media is a company dedicated to empower creators of music and visual art; always aiming for a unique blend between art and technology.


Leche Media was born from a group of young musicians and engineers who began building their own acoustic treatment in order to improve the quality of their musical productions. In this way they carved their path towards becoming an independent record label. Nowadays, our team is recognized for delivering immersive sound and visual experiences on every video, song and live performance.



The output is versatile but the common denominator is a strong electronic essence in our sound, covering a wide range of genres within the realm of Electronic Dance Music,  merging hard-hitting rhythms with lush orchestrations and soundscapes. The chief aim is clear: to leave our mark in music history by offering people memorable experiences through our craft.

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The excitement that comes with every new release – whether it's an album, EP, or single – is just as exhilarating as the first. Leche Media has overseen a number of popular songs and musical collections, and we continue to work towards helping the music we love get the exposure we believe it deserves.


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Meet The Team


Ricardo De Hoyos

Head Producer


Eduardo Soto

Executive Director


Juan Montes de Oca

Technology & Innovation Director


Renee Garcia

Content Director


Sofia Partida

Communications Director