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Like most websites, we may use “cookies” or similar technologies. This Cookie Policy describes the use of cookies and similar technologies on our website

When you first visit the website in a certain jurisdiction, you will be notified that cookies are being used. By continuing to browse the site, you confirm that you understand and agree to the use of this technology, as described in this Cookie Policy.

You don’t have to accept cookies and the consent can be revoked at any time. You can reject or limit cookies by managing your preferences on our website or by changing your browser settings. Furthermore, you can delete them at any time after they are placed on your device. If you do not accept cookies, dismiss the cookie notification on our website, or delete cookies, parts of the site you open may take longer to appear or may not function properly.

What is a cookie

Cookies are small files that contain a sequence of characters that can be stored on your computer’s browser or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies allow us to identify your browser when you visit the site again. Cookies may store your preferences and other information, but they cannot read data off your hard drive or read cookies created by other websites.

How do we use cookies

We may use cookies to provide you with content tailored to your interests. We use the information collected through cookies to statistically analyze the use of our site and to improve and modify our content and other offerings.

The following explains information on how we use the different categories of cookies and the options to manage your settings for the data these technologies collect.

How to control cookies

Most browsers accept cookies by default. If you wish, you can disable cookies or configure your browser to be notified when a cookie is saved. If you disable cookies or refuse a site's request to set cookies, some parts of the site may not function properly or may not work at all.

You can manage cookies on popular browsers by visiting their developers’ sites, such as:

Although most cookies do not record your name or other contact information, some cookies can designate an identifier to a person. As for the manner in which cookies collect and process personal information, this is covered in our Privacy Policy.

For more information about cookies, including how to check what cookies have been set and how to delete them, please visit or

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