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A great film deserves great sound  —  period.
¨The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.¨ - Carl Jung

Don't settle for stock audio

Great audio can make or break a film. Don't take any chances with your film's success.
Why Us

With audio, we take care of everything

Creative sound design

Create the perfect soundscape for your project, no matter what its size or scope.

Original music composing

Craft the perfect score, soundtrack and musical landscape for your project.

Top-quality audio engineering

Make your project sound great on every platform and any distribution standard.

Dialog & sound FX editing

We specialize in crafting quality soundscapes that evoke emotion.

ADR & Voice-over

Re-record set dialog that needs improvement and add in voice-over or off screen dialog.

Sound localization

Keep the integrity of your narrative - adapt your audio content to fit properly on any market.

Foley production

Enhance the realism & quality of your film with custom-made recordings, synthesis, and audio manipulation.

Custom Services

Contact us - our team is here to provide custom solutions that fit within your budget and timeline.

Don't let audio be an afterthought.

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