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Mary Jane is a 21-year-old vocalist & performer from the city of the sun: Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. She stands out for the versatility of her songs, always pushing to break schemes and trying something different within urban genres such as hip-hop, rap, R&B, pop and alternative music.

She was inspired by artists like Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna, Alicia Keys and Shakira. She speaks to us about topics such as social conscience, freedom, empowerment, as well as stories and experiences she has encountered in her personal life.

In 2017, she suffered through a risky operation on her spine, where she was close to losing a lung and the mobility of her legs. This served as inspiration to define her character, which clearly translates to the style of music she makes.

She began showing her musical talent from a young age, however, it was until 2019 that she decided to venture into the world of music as a full-fledged artist and performer.

She is currently working with Leche Media on her next EP, in which she will demonstrate what she's really made of.