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Ricky Holes is an artist and music producer based in Hermosillo, Mexico. His music stands out for its charismatic feel and unique melodies, with incredibly exciting production aesthetics. At times emotional and introspective, at times raw and hard-hitting, his tracks are ethereal and immersive, offering an in-depth listening experience.

As an artist, Ricky Holes wears his influences on his sleeves. His sound is a combination of different genres and sonic aesthetics, most notably IDM, psychedelic electronica, ambient and neoclassical scores, only to mention but a few key styles that have inspired him throughout the years.


On the other hand, this talented producer is doing more than simply following in the footsteps of the artists who have influenced his music: he is carving out his own path and progressively building a strong sonic identity, track after track.


Ricky will charm you with a stunning set of arrangements and a memorable sound design, with a mix of energy and emotion to make it all extremely personable and direct. His music is highly recommended for any fan of artists such as Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, and Trent Reznor, among others.